Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly is like any other girl savoring her hotpot at a Chinese restaurant but her visit led to a surprise by the internet trolls.

The actress who has been seen enjoying her life after going through a divorce is often at the end of criticism by netizens. The actress is time and again reminded of her divorce on social media. Meanwhile, some have even gone to greater lengths and suggested the actress marry again. In a similar instance, critics are yet again after the actress for beaming with happiness as according to society a woman who is a divorcee doesn’t have the right to do so.

Sajal At A Chinese Restaurant 

Sajal was given a birthday surprise in a restaurant and like any normal person she couldn’t contain her excitement. The actress was seen jumping and enjoying the birthday wish by the waiters and her energy and aura are contagious. However, trolls didn’t like what they saw and didn’t refrain from showing it.

Before we jump on to the comments take a look at this heartwarming post.

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Why is Sajal Aly reminded of her divorce time and again? This is something beyond our comprehension. However, the thing that makes no sense is the fact that someone cannot be happy after a divorce. As much as she has the right to live her life she also has a right to be happy with it. But this person in the comments section doesn’t think so.

Image source: Instagram

What do you think about these comments regarding her divorce? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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