Recently, Mazak Raat – a show hosted by Imran Ashraf welcomed Naimal Khawar as their guest.

During the interview, Naimal opened up about her relationship with her husband and how she got the same qualities she prayed for in her partner.

While discussing how she felt about her parent’s approval Naimal shared that she felt really good about it.

‘I was really happy. I felt really good. I thought that I must have done something nice that Allah blessed me with someone like him.’

While discussing what she wanted in her partner, Naimal mentioned that she prayed for a man who is God-fearing.

‘I always prayed for a God-fearing man, a rarity in today’s world. I feel incredibly fortunate that Hamza embodies that quality. It’s what drew me to him and made me fall in love.’

Later adding that there are rarely any disagreements between them.

“We share similar temperaments—both soft-spoken. In the event of a conflict, we resolve it swiftly; we’re both focused on finding resolutions.”

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How Did Naimal & Hamza Meet?

When asked about the start of her love story with Hamza, Naimal shared, “We first met during the filming of my debut movie, Verna, and our initial encounter was merely two seconds. Subsequently, he messaged me about a work-related painting. He later attended my exhibition, and the rest is history.” She continued, “He had shown interest in my work and asked me to create a painting for him, which we discussed alongside work.”

Later, Naimal went to study abroad and after talking for a brief period, Hamza sent over the proposal to his family.

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