Pakistan actress, Ayesha Omar, is contemplating leaving the country due to the prevailing economic conditions and concerns about the safety of women. As she sat down for a podcast interview the actress shared her sentiments as a Pakistani woman.

While she emphasized her desire for a sense of security while going out for basic activities like walking or cycling, citing discomfort and anxiety in Karachi. According to Omar, the only time women felt relatively safe outdoors was during the COVID-19 lockdown. She also revealed that her brother has already relocated to Denmark, and her mother is considering leaving the country.

“Men can never understand what Pakistani women grow up with no matter how hard you try. The fear a woman faces in this country cannot be understood [by a man]. You feel anxious every second.” Said Omer.

‘The major problem I have is of my safety. I never feel safe here. I can’t even go to a park without being harassed, and boys using hooting and calling me out. What would you do in that situation.’ She added.

For a detailed insight into Ayesha’s thoughts take a peek at the complete interview below.

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Despite her concerns, Ayesha Omar expressed deep affection for Pakistan, acknowledging that the country has been instrumental in providing her with everything. She professed her love for the land, emphasizing that if given the option to live anywhere globally, she would still choose Pakistan.

“If I were to choose a piece of land to live on I would choose Pakistan without a thought. We have everything here. My favorite place in the world is Hunza. We have so much beauty in Pakistan but the situation is disappointing and we can’t even blame people.”

Ayesha later shared that even though she isn’t planning on permanently moving out she’ll be in and out of Pakistan very often.

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