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Sustainable fashion is all the rage, given the need to preserve the environment. Meanwhile, designers and artists are trying to utilize as much waste material as possible to come up with new ideas. In light of the upcoming World Ocean Day, french designer French visual artist and designer Eugène Rionneaus is launching a line of fashionable sneakers made from seafood waste material.

World Oceans Day is going to take place this year on June 8. The concept originated in 1992 by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada at the Earth Summit – UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fishable Or Fashionable?

Oyster shells are more commonly present on the bottom of our plates than on the soles of our sneakers. However, that’s precisely where French designer Eugène Riconneaus has chosen to use them in a whole collection of upcycled sneakers. The aim is to bring together style and environmentalism while helping clean up the waste polluting France’s coasts.

The sneakers are debuting under the nameER Soulier sneaker, made from marine litter. Made possible by upcycling, which gives a second life to waste and unused objects, the collection was inspired by a desire to combat pollution of the seas and oceans, in which quantities of plastic, fishing nets, and seafood waste drown.

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Sea activities represent 50% of ocean pollution. I see this case as intended to make a proposal to others and influence action for the ocean. The idea is to create a demand that values marine waste products. Including fishnets, plastic waste, from oyster farms and seaweed.”  Said Eugène Riconneaus in a statement.

Pre-Order The Sneakers 

The research took twenty-four months to complete, and the end product is beautiful nonetheless. The limited-edition shoes can be pre-ordered from the website until 18 June through a crowdfunding campaign launched on Ulule. The first price is set at 99 euros, but the public will also have the opportunity to find a pair of sneakers adapted and signed by Eugène Riconneaus.

The ER Soulier sneakers are handmade in a workshop in Portugal from fishing nets, shellfish, and green seaweed, complete waste from pieces of leather, natural cork or even recycled rubber. In total, this new type of sneaker consists of almost 80% recycled elements.

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