Shoaib Khan Pays Tribute To Noor Jahan On Account Of Defence Day
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No Pakistani is unaware of the sacrifices the Pakistani Army made in the war of 1965. Similarly, no one is strange to the role Madam Noor Jahan played then. Known for blessing us with hearth wrenching yet soul-warming anthems, which gives us goosebumps to date, Noor Jahan was and will always be an icon of our nation.

Noor Jahan was not just a singer. She was also a fashion icon. She was the epitome of grace and class with her signature looks, including elaborated makeup and signature outfits.

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Shoaib Khan Recreates Noor Jahan’s Look 

On September 6, Shoaib Khan paid tribute to Noor Jahan by recreating her iconic look in black and white. He is a renowned makeup artist known for his elaborate work of art.  He shared the video on Instagram where he lip-synced to one of her famous anthems, released amidst the war of 1965.

Ae Watan K Sajeelay Jawano’ tells the tale of soldiers who devoted their lives for the sake of the nation. He shared the heartwarming post to honour the lives of the soldiers. He also paid tribute to the legend whose voice was like a knight in shining armour amidst the war.

Take a look at what he had to say;

Tribute to 🇵🇰 Pakistan Army

“Patriotism speaks for itself. Everyone has a different way of showcasing their love for their beloved country. This is my way of paying tribute to the fearless, courageous and invincible warriors of our nation. The knights who gallantly stand up to any harm that eyes our country deserve this recognition and respect from each and every one of us. Defence Day is celebrated each year in honour of such chevaliers who make the rivals think twice before striking any evil eyes towards this nation.

There is not a single ounce of doubt that Pakistani army, from the beginning till date, has always proven to be selfless and determined when it comes to catering for the country. Also, Mam Noor Jehan’s voice and her words are like a cherry on the top, enhancing the emotions of devotion and loyalty that a soldier requires on the field. And it is, in a similar manner, intensifying the sentiments of love through this video.”

Shoaib Khan’s Previous Look

This is not the first time the artist has entertained us with his recreation. He previously gave life to an iconic look of Noor Jahan on account of her death anniversary.

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