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[Update: November 26th, 2021]: The drama that started almost a month ago with Shoaib Akhtar walking out of Nauman Niaz’s show on PTV has finally come to an end. Both individuals had considered the other’s attitude as a personal insult. In fact, Shoaib Akhtar, when asked to leave, actually left while the show was still on-air.

The drama became vital news instantly and the fans of Rawalpindi Express came from all over to document support for him. However, PTV sports, it seems, was not of the same opinion. The channel imposed a hefty fine as a compensation claim on the national star stating that he had incurred loss for the organization. Soon after, the journalist, Nauman Niaz, and 100mph Shoaib Akhtar reconciled. Following the reconciliation, PTV also withdrew the claim.

Because of the timeline of these events, the fans are now questioning the legitimacy of PTV’s claim. They are saying that if it was in fact due to incurring a loss, they would have never rescinded the claim. By some deduction, the fans have extracted the conclusion that the Rawalpindi Express must be on the right.

Shoaib Akhtar, the famous Rawalpindi Express, was invited to a show last night to discuss the Pakistan cricket team’s performance in the match with New Zealand. The national star walked out while the show streamed live after Nauman Niaz made rude comments on him.

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The incident on Live TV

Invited alongside Shoaib Akhtar were numerous other guests. There were analysts as well as foreign personalities. When Nauman Niaz, the host, asked Shoaib Akhtar a question, Rawalpindi Express answered in his usual manner making a comment that did the host not see the match? The host said that he certainly did. After that, Shoaib Akhtar continued talking about Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi. Possibly offended by the tone, Nauman Niaz told Shoaib Akhtar on live TV to leave. It didn’t matter to him that they were live-streaming the show.

Have a look at the clip below:

Here’s what Pakistanis have to say:


Shoaib Akhtar walks out

The Rawalpindi express did not stick around for more insults. The host took a break and Akhtar resigned from the show. Once he left, the ex-cricketer and the host’s name started trending on Twitter. To clarify a few things, Shoaib Akhtar uploaded a video on his official Twitter account. He said that the walkout was to protect the integrity of the country.

To elaborate, he said that not only the whole country was watching but there were foreigners on the show which meant numerous other non-citizens would have tuned in as well; and a host insulting a national star meant Pakistan’s insult. This is why, when they took the break, he approached Nauman Niaz and said that they should resolve the matter by calling it Shoaib Akhtar pulling Niaz’s leg.

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Nauman Niaz, however, refused to do so. With no other option left, Shoaib Akhtar had to leave.

The fastest bowler of his time, Akhtar has been gaining support from almost everyone on social media at this time. People are calling Nauman Naiz out to handle the situation and apologize. What will happen now? How will the host navigate the backlash? This is something we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, are you ready for Pakistan to face Afghanistan this Friday? Where do you think we will get to see Shoaib Akhtar giving his analysis; PTV, some other channel, or on his YouTube?

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