Its the dawn of Naya Pakistan but Aamir Liaquat continues to land himself in controversies.

Basking in the glory of his win in elections, the televangelist just committed a major blunder on Twitter. And like always, the internet is not ready to forgive him anytime soon.

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Just yesterday, Aamir Liaquat tweet a picture of Sherry Rehman with MMA’s Owais Norani with the most inappropriate caption:

“Hum Tum APC Mein Bund Ho.. Aur Chabhi Kho Jaye”

Following the backlash, the PTI politician was forced to delete it. However, screenshots of his posts are now going viral.

Social media was quick to react on this derogatory quip by Aamir Liaquat!

Despite the fact he took the tweet down, the internet continued to shame him!

Eventually, Sherry Rehman clapped back at him for his misogynistic views.

However, realizing his mistake, Aamir Liaquat was compelled to apologize to Sherry.

He clarified that his post was never targetted to PPP’s politician and was, in fact, a jibe at Owais Norani.

Liaquat has been elected as a PTI MNA from Karachi and hence, holds immense responsibility for his words and actions.

Consequently, followers continued to school him even after his apologetic tweet.

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