sham idrees and ducky bhai

There is a massive war going on Youtube these days and it seems that it is not going to end anytime soon! Yeap, we are talking about the barbaric battle of the vloggers, Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai.

Sham Idrees And Ducky Bhai Are at War!

For those who are unaware, Pakistani Youtuber Saad Ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai recently rolled out an internet-breaking video, claiming to expose the Canadian youtube stars, Sham & Froggy.

Leaving no stone unturned, Ducky Bhai roasted both the vloggers for rolling out clickbait content, scripted pranks and faking incidents to get views.

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Watch the NSFW video here!

He even slammed the pair for branding YouTube Vloggers of Pakistan as ‘tiny Youtubers’.

In an aim to recover from the fiasco, Sham and Froggy have responded to Ducky Bhai on their Youtube channels.

However, their roasting game appears pretty slow!

Clearly, their comebacks were NOT strong enough to match those of Ducky Bhai!

Amidst the whole social media brouhaha, the ultimate Youtube sensation Zaid Ali has now stepped in the matter to declare his stance.

sham idrees and ducky bhai

While he did not name and shame anyone, his tweet has clearly taken a subtle dig at Sham-Froggy!

Lauding all the Youtubers from Pakistan, Zaid Ali stated that all the so-called ‘Tiny Youtubers’ are the real champs when it comes to churning out quality content.

Now that Zaid has broken has silence, Twitterverse cannot help grilling Froggy and Sham.

Clearly, Ducky Bhai has become Sham’s worst nightmare.

The hate-bandwagon against Sham and Froggy has increased by manifolds

Is this the end of Sham’s career?

Meanwhile, Ducky Bhai has rolled out yet another video to roast his rivals!

Whose team are you in? Team Sham or Team Ducky Bhai?

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