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When you are a super famous person, whatever you do becomes the headline of the day. Let it be something funny or extremely embarrassing, the constant eye of the camera on you hardly misses anything!

The same thing happened with Shahid Afridi, who yesterday attended the main ceremony held yesterday at GHQ in Rawalpindi in the commemoration of the 53rd Defence Day!

Ali Gul Pir Slam Atif Aslam in an Angry Facebook Post!

One thing that Lala is famous for, other than his sixes, is his blunt attitude and frankness that make him just one of a kind and we all adore him for that!

However, the camera caught Boom Boom consuming naswar in a super sneaky way, during the ceremony and then, acted like nothing ever happened!

But since he’s Shahid Afridi, the video of him having naswar has gone viral on the internet already and people are absolutely loving it!

Watch the video below!

Stealing the show away with his bluntness, #ShahidAfridi is trending on Twitter and people are coming up with some crazy yet hilarious reactions!

Well, that’s how he rolls!

Haters gonna hate!

Naam hi kaafi hai!

A win-win meme!

As if Lala has ever cared about the cameras!

That’s a classic shot that will surely go down in history… Afridi you beauty!

Let the man eat in peace!

Credit goes to naswar!

Well, that’s Lala for you!

The topic of the day!

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