6 Places To Find The Fluffiest Pancakes In Karachi

Image Source: Instagram/Caffe Praha

The start of your day has to be absolutely perfect. And what better way to start your day than indulging in a good, fulfilling breakfast? Breakfast items include a wide variety of items. However, no breakfast is complete without indulging in a stack of fluffy, moist pancakes drizzled with your favorite syrup. So, if you plan a breakfast anytime soon, we are listing down all the places where you can get the delicious and fluffiest pancakes.

1. Caffe Praha 

Praha is known for its infamous lotus desserts. On the menu is their best-selling lotus pancakes which are soft, fluffy, and melts just right into your mouth—drizzled with lots of lotus sauce and a lotus biscuit. The pancake platter is the absolute treat for both lotus and pancake lovers.

Location: Khayaban e Seher, Defence

Image source: facebook.com

2. Swing

Swing is one for their presentation and eye-catching desserts. Their pancake platter just hits the right spot for being the most instagrammable platter of pancakes. The delicious taste with beautiful presentation makes them the absolute best among the pancake places.

Location: Khayaban e Seher, Defence

Image source: facebook.com

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3. Springs Cafe

Springs mart’s official spring cafe might not be one for desserts. However, you are missing out if you haven’t tried their lotus pancakes. They are light both on your pocket and stomach, yet they are capable of fulfilling all your sugar and, specifically, lotus cravings.

Location: Khayaban e Bukhari, Defence

Image source: https://www.fyimagazine.org/

4. iHop 

The international house of pancakes is known as the respective name for a great reason. Not only do they offer a regular stack of pancakes they also offer a wide variety of different kinds of assorted pancakes. From Japanese souffle to strawberry, Tres Leches, and chocolate versions, their pancakes are a sight for sore eyes with impeccable taste.

Location: Khayaban e Shahbaz, Defence

Image source: https://www.arabnews.com/

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5. Esquires 

An aesthetically pleasing bakery with calming vibes offers a great variety of breakfast items, and their pancakes are one of them. The best part about their pancakes is the side of seasonal fruits, which are served generously on the platter.

Location: Zamzama commercial lane & Dolmen Mall, Clifton

Image Source: Facebook

6. Bella Vita 

If you like your pancakes extra creamy and heavy, then Bella Vita is your best bet. A tall stack of pancakes with layers of whipped cream and chocolate in between add a perfect balance of sweetness to the pancakes. Not to mention the gooeyness and softness of the pancakes, which adds more to the taste.

Image source: https://menu.indolj.pk/

Drooling yet? Which ones have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.

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