According to The Daily Telegraph, CF33 is a treatment engineered by US cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong, that can kill every type of cancer in a petrie dish and has shrunk tumours in mice.

It should be noted, however, that success with mice does not ensure that the virus will successfully work to eliminate cancer in humans. Professor Fong remains positive, as other specific viruses have been effective in fighting cancer in humans.

Professor Fong is currently in Australia to organise the clinical trials, which will also be run overseas.

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The treatment is being developed by Imugene, an Australian biotech company, and will be tested next year on breast cancer patients, among other cancer sufferers.

They also plan to test patients suffering from triple negative breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, bladder, gastric and bowel cancer in the ‘basket study’.

The professor is also concerned that the viruses could be too toxic for humans and turn fatal. Here’s what he said:


‘The problem was if you made the virus toxic enough to kill cancer you were worried it would also kill man,’

Professor Fong said cowpox – which proved to successfully protect people from smallpox 200 years ago – is known to be harmless in humans. By mixing cowpox with other viruses, testing found it could kill cancer.

It is hoped that the virus will make the cancer cells explode. The immune system is then expected to be alerted about other cancer cells in the body, prompting the diseased cells to be killed.

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