sarwat gilani nose surgery
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Sarwat Gilani is one refreshing actress in Pakistan who is honest and casual about every topic that comes her way. She speaks her reality in a confident manner and she sticks to it. We thought we couldn’t appreciate her enough until she just opened up about her nose surgery. Want to know how she got it done and why? Here’s everything:

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Why It Was Needed

She casually opened up in a Something Haute interview that when she was younger she used to black out a lot. This is common amongst a lot of young people and occurs mostly due to low blood pressure. Sarwat Gilani was no different in her early 20s when she had begun acting too. One day, she blacked out in the washroom and hit her nose on the sink.

sarwat gilani nose surgery
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Since she had passed out, she couldn’t tell anything. However, when she gained consciousness she realized that she had broken her nose. Everything was bloody and she was also disoriented.

Who Did It and Who Wanted It?

Her family then rushed her to Dr. Tahir Shafi. Now the thing here is that Sarwat Gilani’s sister always kept asking her to get her nose done. Gilani, being her confident self, always said no to it. She said I act with my nose, everybody has now seen it. What is the point?

So when she did in fact break her nose, her sister was like this is the best opportunity. She also spoke to the Dr and they then proceeded to alter Sarwat Gilani’s nose for the best.

How Did She Feel?

Sarwat Gilani added that once the brace came off there was a lot of swelling, nothing could be told. However, as the days kept going by she kept saying and we quote “meri naak toh bohat achi horahi hai.” The humor and the nonchalance of this woman are so endearing!

sarwat gilani nose surgery
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Anyhow, even to this day she keeps asking her husband, who is also a cosmetic surgeon, to do something here and there but he always refuses. Ah, to have a cosmetic surgeon as a husband and then to also be Sarwat Gilani yourself. But hey, we learned something new today. If you want casual nose surgery, get your nose broken!

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