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Minal Khan is one of the most followed celebrities in Pakistan. The actress is mostly globe-trotting with her beau when she’s not working on projects here and people give her the credit. However, this time around, she got caught copying Kylie Jenner and Pakistani’s haven’t forgiven her since then. Have a look at how she responded:

What Did She Do?

Kylie Jenner, a billionaire, is living her life all the time. She posted a story about the ultimate luxurious fruit tray being served to her. We don’t even know half the fruits on there! Anyhow, Minal Khan saw the story and thought hmmm.. Maybe I should post the same one. And she did!

She cropped out Kylie’s name and posted the same fruit tray on her own story. Maybe she thought people would not find out or maybe she wanted to play a game with her followers. We don’t know. All we know is that since then she has become the center and subject of all memes.

The Memes Being Made

Have a look at the kind of memes being made. They’re hilarious for sure, we have made that reputation for ourselves. However, Minal Khan is also trending on Twitter. Is all publicity good publicity then?

Minal Khan Responds

Minal Khan has responded to the whole fiasco in the most unusual way possible. She shared someone else’s meme on the whole situation talking about copying other people’s stories and said, “haha so true, soul satisfaction.”

minal khan kylie jenner
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We’d never mean to be rude but Minal, this is a very sad way of trying to save face when you’re being pulled into a jam. We hope the actress starts appreciating her originality and own reality now.

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