Sanna Makki
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How many of you have heard that Sanna Makki is the ultimate cure for the novel Coronavirus? A lot of people have been stating that using this herb may be your salvation from COVID 19.

Sanna Makki is mainly used as a powerful laxative but is nowadays being advertised on social media and WhatsApp groups as a treatment for coronavirus. It’s impossible to comprehend that while on one hand, the entire globe is combatting the novel virus and striving to develop a cure, there are some people who are relying on Sanna Makki to prevent the novel virus.

Various reports have emerged that this herb is the cure of the virus, and several tabloids and influencers are talking about it. 

Although, a US-based public health expert has written about Sanna Makki and warned us of significant side effects from consuming the herb without clinical guidance or prescriptions.

Dr. Faheem Younus, the chief of infectious diseases at the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, shared a Twitter thread explaining why it was not advisable to consume Sanna Makki.

Serving on the frontlines against the fatal coronavirus, Dr. Younus acknowledged that the effects of these drugs were “unclear” but “well-documented” their possible side effects.

“Traditional Asian / Chinese herbs can cause damage to the kidneys or liver,” the doctor said. “In 61 percent of plants, high concentrations of arsenic, lead, cadmium have been found.”

He also shared “vitamins are helpful if you’re deficient. But taking them blindly risks overdose,” he added, explaining the consumption of Vitamins in a moderate amount deems fit and if you have any deficiency but an overdose can cause nerve damage, irregular heartbeat, and a stroke.

While explaining further, Dr. Yousuf stated that Sanna Makki was sometimes used in preparation for colonoscopy, although it was vital to learn when its use becomes excessive.

Sanna Makki “can cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea, pain, nausea, and electrolyte imbalance”, Dr. Yousuf explained. “Omega-3, garlic, mangoes, green tea, etc. have no documented or measurable effect on immunity or protecting against COVID,” he added.

The specialist highlighted that such herbs and ‘treatments’ for coronavirus spreading on WhatsApp groups and social media were only “distractions and give a false sense of security.”

Furthermore, he added, “Zinc overdose can cause not just nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain but also REDUCE immunity and bone density. Zinc can also impact the absorption of your regular, potentially lifesaving medications.”

Dr. Younus insisted that a person should consume a nutrient only when they’re deficient. He also mentioned that blind consumption of any drug would lead to medical side effects, Waste of money/energy, a false sense of security, sustainability issues, and distraction.

He stated that people should focus on socially distancing themselves and washing their hands, keeping on their masks when stepping out, and maintaining a 6ft distance.

According to sources, there is no proof of Sanna Makki curing coronavirus, the advantages of such substances are “unclear”, and consuming them may cause medical side effects that could be long-term.

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