samsung galaxy s22 and design leak
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Samsung has not only been one of the most popular brands, but it has also been one of the most impressive ones. Despite the pandemic raging through the world, many products have been released and much has been seen. The company has managed to persevere through tough times, including the global chip shortage. The chip shortage is still ongoing but there are alternate routes that companies are taking. All this talk about Samsung leads us to inform you that a leak has taken place. Of course, we know that leaks are often ways to get the hype up about a product.

Here, the leak is regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. A lot of rumors had been going around regarding this device, for a while now. No matter if you are a fan of the s-series or the note-series, you are sure to love this one. According to sources, the design of the Samsung S22 Ultra has been leaked and there is quite a lot to see there. It seems that, partially, the phone is going back to a previously appreciated design.

s22 ultra design leak
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Samsung S22 Ultra Leaks

This smartphone was not expected to be revealed for quite a few months. However, this leak, by FrontPageTech, has accelerated that timeline. Instead of waiting for the official release, many people have gotten to see the leak and how the phone itself looks like. From the photos that are circulating online, the Samsung S22 Ultra has a curved display as well as flat edges. This is following a design that is cheaper to make and less prone to fall damage. Additionally, there is a built-in S-pen with the phone too.

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All of this points towards an inevitable note series design. The company is, surely, making this phone out to be one of the note series. It may be called S22 Ultra but the leak proves that the design is based on the Samsung Note series. As you recall, the Note series has been one of the most successful ones of the brand. There is no doubt that this phone is going to cause quite a lot of hype when it’s finally released.

Additional Info

According to the source of the leak, the phone houses a total of five cameras. Four of these are on the back and one of them is at the front. As older leaks have suggested, the primary one is going to be set at 108mp, with a 12mp ultra-wide and dual telephoto lens. The camera arrangement itself is the same as the S21 Ultra. However, in every other sense, the phone is more a successor to the previous note phone than the S-series phone.

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The official release date of the device, however, is still expected to be around February or March 2022. It is going to be released alongside the S22 and S22 plus. We have much to see when that happens but let us bask in the light of this leak right now. It seems like quite an impressive smartphone and we are awaiting more details on the specs.

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