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The Pakistani Rupee has grown weaker to the US Dollar, touching Rs. 160 and has been on a constant rollercoaster.

As the Rupee is not performing very well, car manufacturers have increased the price of their cars as importing parts has become more expensive. Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have been left with no choice.


Because many international brands are imported, and with the introduction of new taxes and duties, Samsung has reportedly increased the prices of its mobile phones, there is no official confirmation as of now.

However, as reported by PhoneWorldSamsung has increased prices of its most mid-rangers and flagships too by up to 12%.

Car Taxes Increased by up to 600%

New prices of Samsung smartphones

Here’s a list of some notable Samsung smartphones which now have a higher price point.

  • Samsung Galaxy A70
    Old Retail Price: PKR 61,999
    New Retail Price: PKR 67,999
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
    Old Retail Price: PKR 51,999
    New Retail Price: PKR 54,999
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
    Old Retail Price: PKR 29,999
    New Retail Price: PKR 31,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A30
    Old Retail Price: PKR 39,999
    New Retail Price: PKR 40,999
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
    Old Retail Price: PKR 21,500
    New Retail Price: PKR 23,500

Keeping this in mind, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that other smartphone manufacturers will increase their prices as well if the Rupee continues to struggle against the Dollar.

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