Samsung Good Vibes

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.”

NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE! If you want to bring a positive change to the world and Samsung truly proves that.

Samsung Good Vibes app is a two-way communication tool that enables the deafblind – those with visual and hearing disabilities, to send/receive messages through their smartphones.

A deafblind person can now send a message from the app by tapping on the screen using Morse Code—where all letters of the English alphabet are combinations of dots and dashes.

Similarly, incoming messages can be understood through vibrations.

However, the technology is not limited to a certain market. Those with normal sight and hearing can send a message, by typing or speaking since it has a standard chat/voice interface that delivers the message to the deafblind person as Morse Code vibrations.

Samsung trained the deafblind from all over India to use the Samsung Good Vibes app and inspire the world. Through a partnership with NGO Sense India, the brand aims to spread ‘Good Vibes’ all over the country.

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Now, Samsung is promoting the app via an emotional film campaign, ‘Caring for the Impossible’. Created by Cheil, the film narrates the story of a young deafblind girl who uses the Good Vibes app to communicate with her family.

Watch the emotional video below:

Samsung has truly made expressing easier for the deafblind. The Good Vibes App is developed in partnership with Sense International India- one of the few NGOs in India dedicated to helping the deafblind and sensitizing people about the disability.

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