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Son of the legendary mountaineer, Ali Sadpara, had taken his father’s place for the excursion with the french climbers. Sajid Sadpara was sharing updates with the fans through social media accounts. He had mentioned that the plan was to make a new route on Mount Everest.

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Climb of Mount Everest

The hike was to start in Nepal with a team that included 69-year-old French mountaineer, Marc Batard and his son. They were accompanied by Nepalese climber Pasang Nuru Sherpa. Sajid Sadpara had shared this on November 11.

However, six days later, the internet suddenly saw an influx of videos of the Pakistani climber. The video showed Sajid tied up. In yet another video, a stretcher is being carried towards a helicopter.

The video which showed Sadpara’s hands tied led to some Pakistanis assuming that he may not have been treated well by the people with him. These Pakistanis considered this treatment of our legend’s son inhumane.

Clarification – What really happened

However, it was soon clarified that the reason Sadpara was tied up was to stop him from taking any disastrous action. It seems that Sajid was having hallucinations due to a lack of oxygen. And when someone is having hallucinations, they can react in an unpredictable way. Given that, they were all on Mount Everest, this unpredictability could have been fatal for not just the climbers but also for his companions.

A user on Twitter who had been constantly sharing updates on Sadpara’s condition revealed that Sajid had reached Namche Bazaar. In a follow-up update, he said Sajid reached Khatmandu through helicopter rescue.

We wish the climber a quick recovery and to keep taking Pakistan’s name to new heights.

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