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Sajal Aly is making news after her latest interview. According to the actress, the starlet was offered a role in a Hollywood movie. However, she couldn’t proceed with the arrangement due to obvious reasons.

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Sajal Aly’s Latest Interview

“If an actor is lucky, he or she gets offered more international work but, regardless, I would never turn my back on my industry. All the international work that has come my way has been because those filmmakers had seen my work in Pakistan. And when I go abroad, I do so as a Pakistani. I want to keep contributing and giving back to my industry with the work that I do,” shared Sajal.

She continued, “I was also offered the title role in another Hollywood movie and the story was very exciting. However, there was a single, very bold scene in the movie that I knew I couldn’t do.”

Speaking on the possibility of using a body double, Sajal added: “Even if I managed to do so, the people of my country would have connected that scene with me. I wouldn’t want to disillusion them like that.”

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The rumours of Sajal Aly and husband Ahad Mirza’s separation rumours are in once again after the actress was spotted at her sisters’ mayun alone. The duo has been MIA from social media. The rumours started after the actress was spotted at her movie premiere alone which was released a few months ago.

Sajal’s Upcoming Project 

Sajal’s exciting upcoming projects include Jemima Goldsmith‘s upcoming British romantic comedy ‘What’s Love Got To With It?’ alongside film stars Lily James, Shazad Latif, and Emma Thompson. It is expected that the movie will echo Jemima’s personal experience. The film is directed by Shekhar Kapur.

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