Saboor Aly’s pregnancy rumors reignite yet again after the actress was seen practicing her walk for BCW 2023.

Saboor was a showstopper for designer Haris Shakeel on the third day of BCW. While her mint green dress and her walk might have wowed the audience, her rehearsal from the show has caught the eyes of netizens. As she is seen walking the ramp in her casual outfit, wearing a pair of jacket and jeans, Saboor is kind of doing a penguin walk which is the takeaway for her pregnancy rumours. Meanwhile, an obvious change in her weight has further alerted the audiences and fans to think that the actress is expecting her first child.

Take a look at the rehearsal video below.

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Previously the rumours of Saboor’s pregnancy were going around after the actress was spotted wearing a sari from Farah Talib Aziz for an event. The netizens speculated that the actress has gained weight which is quite obvious and her pregnancy can be the reason behind it.

While the rumors are yet to be confirmed, it seems like fans and netizens are eager to hear the baby on board news. While we wait for an official announcement let us know your speculations about Saboor’s pregnancy below.

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