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Another day, another celebrity controversy! This time it’s Saboor Aly who is receiving a lot of criticism from the public.

Saboor Aly is in hot waters after a Twitter user posted on social media about the lack of compliance and failure to meet the protocols by the actress. Saboor Aly was boarding a flight where she was seen without a mask. The airport staff asked her to follow the protocols while they handed her a mask since she was traveling without one.

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However, she still refused to wear the mask and wore it only for a few seconds while boarding the flight. Now, you must be wondering what could be the reason behind this. Well, our pesky little face friends! As she mentioned:

“Mujhe doc ne mana kiya hai, mask se mujhe acne hojati hai”

The Twitter Reacts 

On the tweet, Saboor received severe backlash as people called her out on her lack of responsibility. While most of them made sure to explain how the reason behind not wearing a mask is illogical and irresponsible and as a celebrity, she should’ve been more aware of the situation since we are on the verge of getting the fourth wave of the virus.

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Some people also mentioned how a piece of mere news does not have anything to support itself, and it could be just for the clout.

At the same time, some of them acknowledged the situation yet made sure to give some alternative options because health comes first.

Saboor Aly And Her Stance 

While we are being reminded time and again of how deadly the situation can turn to. It seems like we haven’t learned anything from our neighbors who had a massive health system crisis because of the fatal third wave of coronavirus. As much as acne is real and disturbing with the rise of cases due to the latest delta variant, COVID is a threat to our country, and we must be nothing but responsible, at least for now.

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