Pakistani actor, Saba Qamar, recently took to her social media platform to share the qualities that would define “man of her dreams.”

While her criteria for an ideal partner may seem modest, many people online have been finding it challenging to come across individuals who meet these basic standards.

As the news broke out on social media platforms, the frustration and resentment of the masses was evident from the comments sections.

While some comments added humour to the situation, it is concerning that societal expectations for partners have been adjusted to a point where people may be settling for less than they deserve.

“That’s my man!,” Saba Qamar wrote on her story as she shared the post that read: “Nothing is sexier than a man who admits he wants you, shows how much he loves you, respects you, gives his time and attention to you, does anything to make you smile, sees no other girls because he is too busy loving you.”

However, we hope Saba Qamar finds what she’s looking for after staying tight-lipped regarding her love life for a considerable time.

The last time Saba Qamar made headlines regarding her romantic life was in mid-2021 when she called off her engagement with Azeem Khan, a blogger and entrepreneur.

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This decision came after a woman accused Azeem Khan of sexual harassment shortly after he announced his engagement to Saba.

In a statement, Saba clarified that she had never met Azeem Khan in person and their interactions were limited to phone conversations.

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