Azeem Khan instagram video on backlash
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You must have been following the Saba Qamar and Azeem Khan issue; the possibility of them dating. Speaking of which, Azeem Khan has responded to the entire backlash.

So we have ourselves a little video today made by Azeem khan. What is he saying in it? How is he responding to the backlash?

Azeem khan and Saba Qamar backlash
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The Quarrel

If you follow entertainment news, you must be aware of the drama sprouting in that sector. It became known to us that Saba Qamar had accepted a proposal from Azeem Khan some time back. Since a lot of people follow both these personalities, it was a time of rejoicing for all. A lot of people ship this couple together and want nothing more than to be happy with their happiness.

However, it seems that a lot of false news, regarding them, had begun to circulate around the internet. People were making false accusations about the other’s past and also started to talk about how they aren’t meant for each other. They brought up false issues and it seems that their intention was nothing more than to defame the couple. In regards to the backlash, Azeem Khan made a video. Its length is about 3 mins and it contains quite a lot of interesting material.

An Interesting Video

Azeem starts off by addressing the audience on their support. He thanks them for being there as a part of his happiness. Then he moves on towards how false allegations have been made against the two of them. He did not name any names but encouraged the accusers to go through the proper channels if they have proof. He said that lack of evidence is another flaw in the plans of the accusers. Then he went on to discuss how the past life of Saba and himself is not something that the couple pays much heed to.

He addressed them again, saying that he does not care about Saba’s past and she does not care about his past. What matters to them is that they are moving forward in life together.

Facing Up To Adversity

He concludes the video by saying that this is his last one on the matter and will not discuss anything further. If someone has any proof of anything, they should bring it forward through the proper legal channels rather than rant about it on social media.

We hope that their journey ahead brings them quite a lot of success and happiness.

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