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Azeem Khan has been in the news since a few weeks ever since he and Saba Qamar had an Instagram conversation on their stories. So, what had happened was that Saba posted a story wearing a bracelet. Right after that, Azeem posted a story saying that he had lost a bracelet. Upon looking closely they turned out to be the same bracelet. Following that, people speculated if they were dating. A few hours later, Saba Qamar confirmed the speculations.

Sabar Qamar dates a blogger

But do you know who Azeem Khan is other than the fact that he has spelled his Insta username as Axeem Khan? Fret not though! We have listed a few things that you need to know about him!

1. Sabar Qamar and Azeem Khan’s Insta following

While Saba Qamar is known by almost everyone in Pakistan and after doing the Bollywood movie, Hindi Medium, she got famous across the border as well. She has 4 million followers. Meanwhile, Azeem has 54.2k followers on his Insta.

2. I need to know if Saba Qamar knows his profession

Axeem is an Instagram blogger. But as you might know, every blogger has a niche. So for instance, you will find food bloggers, travel bloggers, and whatnot. Or take Dananeer as another example. Dananeer is a content creator and even within that niche, she found a sub-niche, Pawri Hori Hai. So what particular niche is his profession? I’d say, unsolicited advisor/commentator.

3. Looking at his Talent

You mean other than scoring Saba? Let’s see…

He is able to shoot his videos while driving (which should be illegal), and the camera doesn’t fall down. Other than that, I find no talent.

Someone tell Saba to share Azeem’s talent with us because some information about his talent few girls have shared on social media, she might not want to hear it.

4. The videos that he shares!

When going through the videos he shares on Instagram, you will find his monologues that he makes to give his commentary on trending issues videos where he shares audio notes sent to him by his followers.

5. Does Saba Qamar know he makes Meninist content?

But there is definitely one thing consistent on the entire account. It is that his content is, as the trending word calls it, pro-meninist. Not going into the details of what a few girls have said about his content and just looking at a few memes he shares, you will know that he is.

Having seen Saba being vocal about a feminist mindset, it comes as a shock seeing her dating Azeem. But hey, now you know who Azeem Khan is!

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