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In times when you need to travel often and a bus just does not match your route, you have to rely on ride-hailing apps. Now, using ‘some’ of these apps takes a huge toll on your wallet. An employee with a PKR 50,000 monthly salary will never be able to afford such a lifestyle. However, the ride-hailing app, InDriver, newly launched in Pakistan has a huge surprise. It is indeed amazing the citizens with its new features they had not seen till date.

You can quote the fare with InDriver!

Now, it is not like you can quote a PKR 200 price for a distance from Port Grand to Steel Mill. Let’s not exploit the drivers too here. The app calculates the rates for the ride by taking out an average. It looks at other apps and the fare they might charge as well as the expected time factoring in the traffic. On that basis, it gives you an average fare. However, you can still quote a lesser price; just don’t go below a minimum rate fed into the app.

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The prices are lower

The best part is that the prices are lower too. Of course, you will say that since we are quoting the fare, the price has to be less. But no, that is not what we mean. Yes, it is somewhat linked to the above-mentioned point but as you can see, when the user quotes the fare, they have to stay within a range; that range is lower. A ride that would usually quote you PKR 500 and during the ride hike up to PKR 800, will now stay as PKR 500 or PKR 450 (whatever you quoted to InDriver).

The Downside

It’s not like it is a God-sent though. People have found issues with it as well. But then again, most of the time, it is because of the people. For instance, some of the female users reported that they found the captains shady. Unfortunately, that is how some people are and you will find them regardless of the app.

After this incident, one gets to know another feature of the app though. Replying to the complainant, InDriver took to Twitter that they have a feature on the app that directly connects you to police when you feel the need.

Moreover, another downside is that the app calculates fare in real-time. Hence, if other apps have a peak surcharge on them. It would factor in as well.

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Tell us then, are you downloading the app?

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