Retail Brand Zara Under Fire For Disrespecting Food

Spanish retail giant Zara is under fire once again. This time for using food as shoe props, and the internet is furious. The derogatory pictures were posted on the brand’s Turkish and German websites and have received significant backlash from the public.

Who thought your heels might come with a side of ice cream? Sounds weird, right?

Zara Disrespects Food In Latest Campaign 

While using food as props have been in the world of marketing for years, one must assume it is on the table just as a decorative piece or being eaten by the models. Meanwhile, Zara took the food props to the next level by stuffing shoes with different food items. The doughnuts sitting on the platform sandals or the sourdough bread used to make a stack for the shoes to stand might look cool in pictures for the advertisers. However, it is infuriating given the rising inflation and the lack of access to necessities worldwide.

Take a look at the campaign below. 

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Twitter Reacts To The Campaign 

Since the pictures went viral, the public has been requesting the brand to take down the pictures from the website. Meanwhile, others have urged the brands to stop using food in the name of fashion.

The tone-deaf attempt of Zara to connect its leather pieces with food has backfired. In a world where synthetic leather is being emphasised for apparent reasons, brands must be mindful of such acts, especially when people are starving from east to west.

The use of food is not just acceptable from a specific standpoint. It is exceptionally unethical given that it holds religious values in different sects.

Many users also urged fashion enthusiasts to boycott the brand and stop giving in in the name of capitalism.

The need for creativity sometimes leads to a disaster, and the high-street brand has proven this time and again. From selling overpriced clothes overlooking cultural appropriation to giving political statements, Zara has left all hell loose in the name of fashion.

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