Resident Evil’s 3D Billboard Is Leaving People Scared For Life

resident evil 3d billboard
Image Source: Youtube

Resident Evil keeps on making the news for all the right reasons. The Netflix series and its release has created a buzz that will not die down soon. Pakistanis are more attuned to the series because one of our very own is a part of it but Resident Evil is a special series for many other reasons too. One of them being the latest 3D of it in NYC that’s scaring people to their core.

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What Is The Ad?

The latest ad shows how digital marketing in today’s world brings creativity to the table with technology. The amalgamation of the two creates an ad that keeps making headlines! The ad in NYC is a 3D one that shows their creature trying to break out of its enclosure. The ‘licker’ as it is called, breaks out of its cage and then flicks its tongue out at the crowd.

This whole show is grabbing people’s attention left, right and centre. The licker is a zombie mutation with a lizard-like tongue. Who would not be afraid when they would see this?

Why Resident Evil Is So Good

Resident Evil is another adaptation of the Japanese story of a zombie apocalypse. Not only does it already have a movie, it also has several games to its name that have captured people’s hearts. However, reviews suggest that the Netflix series is by far the best adaptation yet.

resident evil 3d billboard
Image Source: Netflix

Ahad Raza Mir’s Role

Plus, here’s what’s getting Pakistanis going the way that it is. Our very own Ahad Raza Mir is a part of the show and he’s doing a stellar job. Only recently, his intimate scenes in the show created a lot of tension on social media as Pakistanis called him out for it.

resident evil 3d billboard
Image Source: IMdB

All in all, the show is only beginning to create hype and it’s doing a great job so far!

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