Resident Evil is finally out, and the anticipation regarding Ahad Raza Mir’s role in the Netflix original has been resolved. The 28-year-old star in the new sci-fi horror series plays ‘Arjun Batra’, an Indian refugee following the global T-virus pandemic.

While many Pakistanis are praising him for landing a role in a big franchise, a relatively new development has caught everyone’s eyes.

Resident Evil Scenes 

It is not strange to see intimate/kissing scenes in Netflix shows. However, it is pretty strange for a Pakistani to do so – according to netizens. Ahad Raza Mir is an artist whose art knows no boundaries. The actor has landed a role in yet another English series – the second season of BBC’s ‘World On Fire’. While Mir’s acting has been met with applause in his Netflix debut, he is also being criticised for acting through intimate scenes – a boundary he sure failed to keep according to the local audience.

Specific clips from the series are doing rounds on social media, and while many are justifying the role, others are not impressed.

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While Ahad’s steamy scenes look like a recipe for disaster for the local audience, the question of using a body double has also been raised by the netizens, and many fail to admit that the actor himself starred in those scenes.

Meanwhile, many raised the question of how romantic scenes are the essence of Pakistani movies and TV shows, and such scenes shouldn’t come as a surprise for a massive international project.

Social media has sparked a debate regarding the actor’s Hollywood debut. It is not a surprise to see Sajal Aly in the mix. Netizens made sure to rest their case on the couple’s divorce and mentioned the scenes behind the reason for the couple’s separation.

Is Ahad The Only One?

Ahad Raza Mir is not the first and certainly not the last for his role in an overseas project. Many celebrities have been met with severe criticism previously for their intimate and bold scenes on different platforms. However, according to netizens, being a male celebrity has given him the benefit of the doubt and a privilege not everyone seems to get amidst the moral and ethical codes set by the public.

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