The opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League proved to be one of the most spectacular extravaganzas of the year where cricket met entertainment and left the audience awestruck.

Our favorite Pakistani celebrities like Fawad Khan, Shuja Haider, Aima Baig, Junoon, Boney M and others enthralled the audience with their performances and everybody enjoyed every bit of it.

Moreover, many Pakistani celebrities were present at the ceremony to support their teams and were all decked up beautifully.

PSL Opening Ceremony 2019: Highlights & Updates

The Junoon band also got on the stage and blew the audiences away with their powerful performance.

The band is rightly known for breaking doors as they literary left the audience grooving to their beats.

It was a treat for the spectator’s groove on the patriotic songs! 

However, during the performance, the ace Pakistani singer Ali Azmat suffered a major wardrobe during his performance and now the Twitterverse just cannot stop talking about the incident.

However, his lovers stood up for the legend and defended him like true fans!

Well, we think that the incident can happen to anyone and we are nobody to troll our celebrities!

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