priyanka chopra indian ad rape culture
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Priyanka Chopra, amongst other notable Bollywood personalities, is all fuming over the latest ad that was making rounds on Indian televisions. The ad is about a perfume however, the innuendo it piggybacks on is of sexual assault and violence. The personalities who are speaking against it are appalled considering the context of India being the rape capital of the world. Here’s everything that’s going down with the ad:

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What Was The Ad About?

The ad shows a woman alone in a shop and four men eyeing her. They say something along the lines of, “four of us and one of the other, who will take the shot?” Then it is revealed that ‘the shot’ is actually the name of the perfume. In all of this, people are appalled at the insinuation of gang rape that is taken as a joke in this ad. Have a look at the ad:

Who Is Speaking Out?

Priyanka Chopra replied to a tweet about it saying that this was “appalling”. She questioned even the process by which this ad must have gotten the green light.

Besides her, Richa Chadha and Swara Bhaskar also took the opportunity to openly condemn this ad and what it implies. How can this be considered a joke or be taken as a normal ad?

Farhan Akhtar also spoke against the ad. Everybody is fixated on how “shameful” this ad is in the given context.

What Has Been Done Since Then?

priyanka chopra indian ad rape culture
Image Source: Twitter

This ad was then removed from all screens and platforms actually based on certain laws in India. Since then, the brand also released a statement in which they were apologizing and said they were regretful about hurting people’s sentiments. However, the fact of the matter remains. Something so problematic can pass through all levels because those in power do not find this troubling.

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