poor quality local clothing
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The latest ban on imported items from abroad, including clothing items, has left many Pakistanis stressed and confused. Where do they get their clothes from then? In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be bothered by this because our local industry would be making impeccable clothes. However, that isn’t the case with Pakistan! The local industry’s clothing standards and policies are hopeless and here’s a deep dive into this topic:

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The Poor Quality

The Facebook group called ‘Voice of Customer’ often makes you want to lose all hope entirely. Just 2 minutes of scrolling will bring forth at least 10 complaints about experiences with poor quality clothing from local shops. For instance, jeans from Breakout are losing their color after one wash. Beechtree’s clothes start tearing apart after one wash. Then there’s Sana Safinaz who is said to have terrible stitching! 

poor quality local clothing
Image Source: Facebook
poor quality local clothing
Image Source: Facebook
poor quality local clothing
Image Source: Facebook

And the worst part is these are just the most famous ones— what are other brands up to then?

Eid Fiasco With Ethnic

On the Eid-ul-Fitr that just passed, we covered extensively what Ethnic was up to. Ethnic is a local brand that makes desi, as well as, western clothes. On Eid, 90% of the people who bought from Ethnic had a terrible experience. The color bled out, clothes got torn, stitching was open…. you name it, the issue was there.

These instances are one too many, especially with Ethnic who can always continue operating without any accountability.

Why The Poor Quality?

These complaints are only those that are brought to our attention through social media. Imagine the whole range of complaints that go unheard or simply are not logged on social media. They indicate that the local clothing landscape is struggling— there are too many buyers and the demand is too great hence, companies feel they can create whatever.

After all, where else can we go now? In countries abroad, the complaint ratio would be less than half and even the other complaints would be catered to. Customers come first, don’t they? Unfortunately, in Pakistan, they don’t with no refund or exchange policies available half the time. We’ve grown used to being scammed and letting those who scam us leave scot-free. If we all came together and boycotted these brands today, perhaps others would learn something too!

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