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Pakistan Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is currently in Tajikistan. He is attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council of Heads of State 2021 alongside representatives of 67 companies from various industries. These industries ranged from Mineral and Pharmaceuticals to Textile and Logistics. In this high-class business forum, PM Imran called out a man for reciting poetry.

The poetry in question

Being objective in our coverage, we should definitely mention that the poetry in question was not comic or romantic poetry. For the longest time, many revolutionaries have emerged as poets, or have we forgotten Allam Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz?

The poetry in question started as follows:

kuch apne dil pe bhi zakhm khao
mere lahu ki bahar kb tk
mjhe sahara banane waloN

main larkharaya to kia karo ge
Itne zaalim na bano
kuch toh murawwat seekho

Accompanied with this statement, the Pakistani had said, “I have a verse for you, Imran Bhai, this is for you. You have become a prisoner. You used to be so great when you were on the container.”

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Hence, it is pretty clear that the poetry was a political critique of the PM. Of course, this Pakistani man could have relayed his point in the home country and not at an international forum.

PM Imran responds

And as a leader of a nation, no matter where you get called out by your citizens, it is your responsibility to give them appropriate respect. Otherwise, how can you expect others to respect ordinary Pakistanis? Finding that the poetry was going to be a criticism, the man’s speech was cut off, and PM Imran interrupted, saying that today’s questions and answers should be limited to business questions and not poetry. He further added that they could figure out another time and date for the art.

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Pakistan Tajikistan Joint Business Forum

The forum was attended by more than 150 companies of Tajikistan and was held to attract foreign investments. Pakistan Television was providing the forum live coverage. The PM said in his address that they were creative incentives for foreign investors in Pakistan.

In convincing the business community of Tajikistan, PM Imran said that the country has a 220 million population. He also noted that the current trade between the two countries was far below the true potential. Inviting potential investors to Pakistan, he said that they should definitely look at the incentives the current government has created.

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