Pizza Hut has amazed everyone by doing something entirely out of the box! The popular food chain has now unveiled a clothing line called Hut Swag for those who consider pizza their bae.

For those who have been wanting to get their Hut swag on, they can choose between the creative ‘Stay Cheesy’ baseball cap, the Pizza is Bae hoodie or those snazzy pepperoni socks.

Provided that Pizza Hut has lost its pizza making charm, it surely is a little risky to sell a branded line of clothing, but they have done it and its absolutely intriguing!

Hut Swag

From a marketing point of view, it was expected that Pizza Hut would have launched a clothing line much earlier since Pizza has been a much viral notion for a long period of time.

They have named the collection Hut Swag! Items included are shirts, hats, socks, scarves, hoodies, Pizza Vision Sunglasses and a classy ‘dreaming of pizza’ sheets with a ‘pizza cuddles’ blanket.

View some interesting images of Hut Swag below;

PizzaHut Bae

Pizza Hut Clothing line

Pizza Hut Shirts

PizzaHut Bae

Pizza Hut Scarves

Pizza Hut Swag

Pizza Hut Hats


Pizza Socks

Pizza Hut Delivery Box Turns Into Smartphone Projector

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