parizaad final episode
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Parizaad has stolen the hearts and minds of every person who began seeing it. It’s rare to come across a drama that captures people’s attention this strongly but this drama tickled all the boxes. Now with the last episode all, here’s a trip down memory lane and an insight into how people reacted to the last episode!

What Was It About?

This is the first time a progressive topic was expounded in a drama. The story revolves around a tanned-skinned man who deals with many issues pertaining to self-esteem. The drama follows his life as he navigates the world amidst his friends and enemies. It appears that the drama did have a meaningful ending.

The Last Episode

The last episode brought Annie and Parizaad together. Throughout even the final episode, Parizaad did not believe in love which appealed to the audience. It developed on the self-esteem issues someone with darker skin in our society experiences: that they are not worthy of love. People felt that Parizaad deserved better but there was more to it. The ending was meaningful because it showed that a new journey was beginning for him. 

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What Do People Think?

Best Scenes From The Drama

People Love Good Content

This shows people love quality content. Dramas based on important topics that many can relate to are spectacular hits. Parizaad will remain in its audience’s memory for a long time.

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