Top Pakistani Dramas 2019

While the dialogue ‘do takkey ki aurat’ made quite a screen time, other renditions of such dialogues have been heard quite a lot in Pakistani dramas. In these dramas, sometimes these dialogues are demeaning, and at other times, they are just boring because there is no innovation or creativity in them. Just like the storyline, the dialogues have become so repetitive that they are not interesting anymore.

We have compiled some of these dialogues that have not only attracted lots of eyeballs but also eardrums, and we are just done with them.

1. Aap Mera yaqeen kren

Please, trust me. This dialogue is just becoming my pet peeve now. In almost every drama, you will find the heroine on her knees, begging her husband to trust him when he would have decided that she is characterless because he saw her talking to someone else.

Disappointing Pakistani Dramas Source/ ARY Digital

2. Mujh se shadi krlen

Obsessed with marriage teenage girls proposing to middle-aged men; and if not that, then widows or divorcees proposing or being proposed. In these dramas, the one vibe you get is that wedding is the ultimate purpose of human life. No, sir, there is so much more!

3. Tumharey daman per daagh hai

Tainted character. This is one dialogue I am just tired of hearing. I mean, even if there is a cultural context for the phrase, ‘daman par daagh,’ there should be some criteria to that. If a woman has been previously engaged, the Pakistani dramas would call her characterless. Not only that, if a woman were married in the most legitimate way ever, even she would be called daaghdar after being widowed or divorced. I mean, why do we not have new storylines and good dialogues?

4. ____ ko talaq dedo

As if having control over someone else’s married life is the only high women aim for! Time and again, we will find a dialogue where a woman asks her son or brother to divorce his wife.

5. Wo larki Hamara Ghar tor rahi hai

In every drama, when a girl asks for a separate home which is her right (just by the way), she gets labeled negatively. I mean, what? We have economic issues, the pandemic has left us disabled, and all we care about is labeling a girl asking for her right as a homewrecker. Can we please get out of this mindset?

6. Mummy ye aap kia keh rahi hain

Okay, we may have heard this particular dialogue numerous times in just one scene of the only drama, and we all know which one that is. But other than Humsafar, we have heard dialogues similar to this one that hinted towards the same context. I mean, if it’s a new drama, then it came after Humsafar. So, it should know better than to overly trust the mother-in-law.

So it’s a genuine request for our drama writers to at least change the dialogues a little, even if they are not plan ning to experiment much with the storyline.

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