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Alizey and Feroze Khan were rumored to have parted ways some time ago. The scandal spread even to include Hania Aamir. Netizens said that Feroze had left Alizey because he wants to marry Hania. This was a strong allegation on the Ishqiya star.

Around that time, Alizey also unfollowed Feroze Khan’s family, which strengthened Pakistanis’ belief in the separation.

Alizey, Feroze Khan & Social Media

Recently, Alizey changed her name on Insta to Syeda Alizey Feroze Khan. This was enough to shut most rumors down because she would never put her name like this where they separated. Hence, it was clear that Alizey and Feroze were choosing to stay away from social media and, consequently, the evil eye.

But Pakistanis are very quick to notice things. Some of them found an image of Alizey and Feroze together at someone’s Mayun ceremony. The two looked really cute.

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Of course, this could also be an old image, possibly from their own wedding events. However, we saw that the hairstyle of Feroze matched his recent Insta pictures. And the same goes for Alizey.

Netizens on the recent click

When different fan pages started sharing these clicks, fans were overjoyed.

Some netizens were under the assumption that the two in question had confirmed the separation, so it wasn’t even a rumor. But that was only an assumption because I had closely followed both the personalities’ statements as someone who was saddened by these rumors. None of them addressed this issue during the hype.

Alizey Feroze Khan
Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

The majority of the population on the internet was happy, however. They celebrated the fact that the couple had overcome the issues they were facing in their relationship.

Alizey Feroze Khan
Image Source: Instagram

That said, we could be wrong. This could totally be an old photograph. But if it is not, we wish them well and hope that they overcome difficulties in the future just like they did now.

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