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Breakups and divorces have become mainstream these days. Our dramas are increasingly portraying the concept of divorces, and they are showing a negative connotation of it. We do not say that if two people are incompatible, they should continue to be in a toxic relationship. All we are trying o say is that if people are choosing to divorce, it is not always because one partner is cheating on the other, which is what Pakistani dramas are showcasing. So God Forbid, there is a rumor about a divorce, and the first thought people have is that.

Separations in the entertainment industry

So, let’s see what is going on in the entertainment industry. Shehroz – Saira was the hot topic at the start of the year. Then there was some other rumors/news along the way. And the most recent one was Farhan and Urwa. Now that that news started dwindling, people began putting forward speculations regarding the marital life of Feroz Khan.

Feroz Khan married Syeda Alizey Fatima Raza two years ago, in 2018. Considering it was an inter-sect marriage, people assumed it was a love marriage. But then Feroze Khan and his family came forward to refute that rumor.

The beautiful couple went through quite a sweet period together and documented it all on their Instagram accounts. And by last year, they had a son. Occasionally they should post his pictures on their Instagram account. Meanwhile, Alizey even changed her name to Alizey Sultan to show her love for her child.

But what are Feroze-Alizey up to?

Alizey has recently deactivated her account, where she would update her fans with happenings of her marital life. And many publications are under the assumption that Feroze and Alizey have unfollowed each other. Well, first of all, if someone has deactivated their account, the argument about unfollowing becomes useless.

Although there is another point to discuss, a publication went as far as speculating that the mothers of Alizey and Feroze have unfollowed each other. Now, when issues reach your parents, I think that is the point of no return.

But here is the thing. People like weaving patterns out of such news. One such custom blamed the speculated separation on Hania Aamir (probably because of their out-of-the-charts chemistry in Ishqiya).

But here is to hoping that Feroze will refute the rumor about this separation just as he came forward to deny the buzz about it being a love marriage.

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