Pakistanis Share Their Deadliest Experiences During Childhood!
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We may not remember much from our childhood, but there will always be some memories that will stay with us for life.

Growing up is a beautiful experience in its way. You are curious, always excited, you learn new things, and life used to be reasonably simple back then.

Although many of us may not have many memories anymore, the one thing we can’t forget is landing ourselves in deep trouble.

As children, some of us have pulled the most absurd stunts (mostly by accident) that will stay in our brains for life.

A Twitter user @wtfnoorulain started a thread where she asked users what’s the deadliest thing they’ve done as a child; she even started it off by sharing that she had drunk bleach!

Since then, Twitteratis have started sharing their experiences, and you won’t believe some of them! Who knew many of us had a dangerous side that has experienced the wildest and deadliest things as children!

Social Media Shares The Deadliest Thing They’ve Done As Children.

Twitter user @abdullahrana_99 claims that his entire childhood has been compressed with a series of deadliest events!

While @the_rock_bottom shares that they had the guts to flirt with another person, that too in front of their mother!

On the other hand, Rida Jahanzeb shares a unique memory of toasting soap and biting fungus covered bread!

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She continued to add that she has even squeezed mehndi all over her sister’s cupboard on purpose after writing ‘Rida is mean’ on the front page of a new notebook!

Riaz Mehdi shredded tears over a dead hen for three whole days! Even buried it and recited Surah Fateha!

Maryam Ajmal shared that she, as a child drank ‘Matti ka tail,’ aka Kerosene!

Namrah almost ate a cockroach!

User @SpillingFakeTea could’ve gotten themselves killed after they decided to drive their dad’s car at the mere age of 6!

Abdurehram shares that he drank more than half a bottle of oil, thinking it was ‘Big Apple’!

While @notsublah decided to break a glass bottle and keep the shard of glass in their pinky toe, refusing to allow anyone to take it out.

User @zindagisebezaar lived up to their Twitter handle as a child after they had to get three stitches as a child for hitting themselves with a broken bottle cap!

Syanide decided to bust a wrestling move by jumping onto a glass table placed in the living room from the sofa.

Fizza Abbas had her fair share of dangers as a child…

While Miloni Tridevi decided to make themselves a refreshing glass of lemonade with a splash of acid!

Which is the deadliest memory you have as a child? Please share them with us!

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