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Hypnosis intrigues mostly everyone. It sparks debates as to whether it is real or not. Now until and unless one sees it their own eyes, people might not believe it. Even a group of psychologists reject the idea. But what if we were to tell you that it is real and that you can get hypnotized without realizing it.

Below are four ways to hypnotize or be hypnotized by, so see if you recognize any one of them.

1. Conversational Hypnosis

What happens in conversational Hypnosis is that you curate conversations. According to that, you will be conversing to plant ideas in the other person’s mind, but they will think it is their thought process. The way to go about it is that you present the picture as a suggestion when the listener is focussed on something else. Your request will go straight to the person’s unconscious mind.

2. Zeigarnik Effect

This effect deals with the complete/incomplete product. So apparently, an ordinary person tends to remember unfinished tasks and forget the completed ones. If you want someone hypnotized (read: if you want your sister to make tea for you without much drama), tell them a story. Do not complete it. And in the middle of the information, give them the task. You will notice that they will follow it without any second thoughts.

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3. Ambiguity is the Go-To here

Hypnosis is all about getting access to the subconscious or the unconscious mind. One way to get there is by saying ambiguous phrases, phrases whose meanings are not self-evident. What happens then is that the listener’s attention is entirely towards understanding the importance of those phrases. At that moment, you have a clear pathway to the unconscious mind to plant any thoughts you like.

4. Pattern Pattern Everywhere 

So we like patterns. We do stuff in ways, and we observe the practice in others as well. For instance, you meet someone every day at noon. When you enter their room, you kick a chair. Every single time!

Then one day, break that pattern. You enter their room, and you don’t kick the chair. Their mind will be confused for at least 5 seconds. That is the time frame you have to place the command in their head.

Image Source: How Hypnosis work

Hypnosis does not have to happen on the psychologists’ couch with a pendulum swinging left and right. Sometimes it’s just these little things that can easily hypnotize you. So tell us, did any such something happen to you?

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