coke studio season 14
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Coke Studio season 14 has been brilliant and everything our ears always wanted and then some. The studio came back with a bang for this season and has been belting out songs that exceed the previous in terms of its quality. From Tu Jhoom by the legends of Pakistani music to Ali Sethi’s latest release, the studio has won hearts for sure.

Pakistanis now want to add to its popularity and share their favourite songs from the season. Get your belts on, we’re going on a (musical) ride!

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Let’s Be Real

While we will be walking you through people’s favourite songs, let us first share ours. For us, it has to be Tu Jhoom because the song has the capacity to simply blow one away. From the lyrical composition, the tune to the voice of Naseebo Lal and Abida Perveen, it does not get better than this. 

Here’s a life-changing tip, listen to it in the morning with your cup of caffeine. You can thank us later for how amazing your day will go.

People’s Favourites

Tu Jhoom, Kanna Yaari, Pasoori, and Mehram are people’s favourite tracks from the season. While Tu Jhoom enjoyed its popularity fully, Kanna Yaari, according to people, is underrated. People also can not help but be impressed by Eva B who sang her heart out while owning her niqab. 

Moreover, Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s Pasoori have people wrapped around their fingers. Let’s not forget Mehram featuring only the first Pakistan to make it to Grammy’s.

Other People Pitch In

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