There are very few things that Pakistanis follow more passionately than cricket. Since 2009, every Pakistani has been anxiously waiting for cricket to return to the country and give them a reason to celebrate, cheer and enjoy. This year, for the first time West Indies came through after multiple fixtures with international teams being cancelled in Pakistan.

Coca-Cola who has been very enthusiastic about promoting cricket internationally and in Pakistan, wanted to create something special to welcome the West Indies cricket team.

Coke Studio used its #CricketKhidaye song to welcome the West indies team with a big bang by execution Pakistan’s largest “LED SKYLINE DISPLAY” at Country 8, Karachi.

The magnificent 18-story tall skyline display with contextual messaging welcoming West Indies cricket team was visible from multiple locations far away. The campaign was well-received and appreciated by the audience and was published on multiple marketing platforms.

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