Mr & Mrs Shoaib
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Pakistan continues to lose face in front of the entire world for numerous reasons, there is one thing that every citizen takes pride in. And that is Pakistan’s northern areas. With snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys, the scenic beauty is able to attract tourists from all over the world. Yet, domestic tourists like Mr. and Mrs. Shoaib, vandalized the property there, hurting the beauty of the area.

Mr. & Mrs. Shoaib Visit Northern Areas

A photograph recently went viral when a popular tourism-centric Twitter account posted it on the platform. They put the caption with asking the couple, Mr and Mrs Shoaib to learn basic ethics when it comes to travelling expeditions. Otherwise, they said that this specific couple (and whoever is symbolically a Mr & Mrs Shoaib) should never visit the beautiful places of the country.

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Taking a look at this picture, don’t you just feel like that the whole landscape scene is ruined. Numerous other netizens agreed with this and thus, started a conversation on Twitter.

Netizens on Twitter 

Let’s have a look at what the netizens were saying on the matter, shall we?

They came to the platform with quite a strict take. One user even said that they should be totally banned from tourist areas other than Khujerab Pass.

Another user labelled it an extremely uncivilized act to chalk the walls in these places. They said that the act was ruining the ambience of Khunjerab Pass.

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The tweet concludes with a question, how soon these signs would vanish. This is one legitimate question. Surfing some more tweets we found that the first time the photo of the chalking went viral was back in 2017. It is evident, hence, that this is no recent act and the Shoaib couple did not realize their wrongdoing otherwise they would have cleared it by now.

While people bashed the couple, some even highlighted how the government could also have taken care of it and cleaned the chalking.

They may not be completely wrong because if authorities are more active in enforcing rules, tourists would not be able to get away with vandalizing state property. But shouldn’t we also show that we own this country? Instead of putting the entire responsibility on the government, be it local or federal, as Pakistanis, we could also contribute in dealing with the matter; our contribution could be as small as when we go on our trips, we do not perform the same vandalizing acts as the couple in question.

It is understandable that when you travel you want to document your trip; you want to leave a trace that you visited the area. Isn’t it better to do that by posting a picture of you on that tourist spot on your Instagram?

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