Pakistani Student Murdered in China

According to different sources, a Pakistani student was murdered in China. Identified as Usama Ahmad Khan, the boy as studying at Shenyang Jianzhu University on scholarship was killed in public.

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Apparently, Usama was brutally murdered by the father and brother of the girl he was dating in the name of honour.

Reportedly, a video has also surfaced showing two men, who appear to be injuring the boy with what appears to be bricks or stones.

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Despite the girl screaming for help, bystanders do not approach to help him or call an authority to help the victim.

Watch the Video Below

Disclaimer: The following video contains a graphic content/violent act of brutality, viewers discretion is advised

Furthermore, TV anchor Ali Arif (@i_aliarif) claims that Usama’s friend had revealed that they were often beaten up by local boys to convert their religion.

The deceased belonged to Bahawalpur and was a Civil Engineering student at Shenyang University in Liaoning, China.

FO Dismisses Reports of Murdered Pakistani Student

On the other hand, the Foreign Office (FO) has dismissed the claim of Osama Ahmed Khan’s murder.

The video being circulated on social media is not that of Usama Ahmad Khan. Usama Ahmad Khan committed suicide at Shenyang city in Liaoning province in China. -FO

The office claims that he had committed suicide – the video is not of Osama.

The video being circulated on social media is fake and is not that of Usama Ahmad Khan. We request all to help us in exercising caution in such matters, avoiding sensationalism and stop spreading of ‘fake news’.

The body of the young man had been transported back home on 17th November. An official notice was also issued on the matter.

Pakistani Student Murdered in China

Earlier in July, a similar case had surfaced when 26-year-old Pakistani student, Moiz-ud-Din was stabbed to death while being accompanied by his girlfriend on the roadside. Reportedly, Moiz was enrolled in the Chinese language program offered at Nanjing Normal University where he studied on scholarship.
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