The harsh behavior of seniors causes a junior police officer in Lahore to commit suicide, reports the Express Tribune.

As per local media reports, ASI Imitiaz – a junior investigation officer at Baghbanpura – took his own life out of frustration at the attitude of his seniors with him.

Suspended for asking to go on leave, the officer was rebuked and pressurized by the Superintendent of the Police (investigation) – Civil Lines.

Imtiaz colleagues quote that he was undergoing deep frustration due to the agreesive behavior of SP at work.

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An investigation by the department has been initiated in regards to the tragic incident.

This is not the first suicide case being reported. Last week, a 23-year old police officer, Ahmad Hussain from Badami Bagh area shot himself in the head.

Pressure from the seniors has become an increasing problem in the workplace today. Stress and harsh behavior are one of the leading causes of depression and suicide attempts.

ASI Imtiaz’s case is just one of the thousands of cases that have been reported. However,  this case is a wakeup call for everyone.

Have you ever felt victimized at your workplace? Tell us how you handled the situation in the comments.

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