As elections are just around the corner, political parties have now entered the last phase of preparations. However, social media turned furious when the story of a baby donkey who was beaten and tortured to near death by political party supporters came forth.

All fury broke loose as activists and the general public raised their voice about using animal abuse as a campaign objective. No one wants a leader whose people can stoop so low that they can even kill.

After the story of the donkey came forth, another donkey, who was also tortured and had his head bashed opened was discovered. Though it is unsure if the motive behind it was the same, animals with banners and brochures being glue on them have been popping up all over.

Elections 2018: Donkey Tortured to Near Death by Political Supporters!

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, one of the popular political parties lead by Imran Khan has taken it to Twitter to condemn the act of cruelty against animals.

“Whether it is supporters who beat up a donkey or Imran Khan opponents who did the same to a dog…. this reveals a vile degeneration in our basic mindset of humanity. This kind of cruelty has to stop across the board.”

Whether it be a dog, donkey, horse, or any animal at all, abuse is wrong! Hurting an innocent animal for personal gain is sick. This practice needs to be avoided at all costs.

If you see someone who is abusing an animal, stop them and report it.

This elections, choose a leader, not a butcher!

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