Vasay Chaudhry’s TV show, Mazaqraat, is getting flack after a guest on a show made fun of overseas Pakistanis in a humorless comment.

Recently, a model appeared on the show Mazaqraat, hosted by Vasay Chaudhry, alongside a bunch of comedians. The show which has run its course for a few years now is known for sarcasm and light humor. However, in a recent episode a comment made by one of the guest models is now going viral on social media and the public is not happy. While talking about the overseas Pakistanis the host shared her thoughts about their looks and mentioned how they tend to show off.

“People come here from abroad and they came in wearing a white cotton suit and claim they have come from abroad. They probably are doing anything there for money that could even involve washing bathrooms, but here they just claim that they have come from abroad.”

Take a look at the clip from the show below.

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In the wake of recent events, the statement issued by the model is coming off as highly insensitive given. The public is not happy and people are demanding that we must cancel so-called celebrities who know nothing better. According to people overseas Pakistanis work day and night for their families and there is no harm in wearing a cotton suit even if it is just to show off.

Vasay Chaudhry’s Public Apology 

In a recent turn of events, Vasay Chaudhry has now apologized for the event which occurred on his show. While formally addressing the incident, the actor and producer shared a tweet. He asked the overseas Pakistani to accept his apology for the vile comment and noted that a formal apology will also be made on live TV.

“I want to publicly apologize on behalf of my whole team on Mazaqraat, a very stupid, vile, and ridiculous comment was made recently about overseas Pakistanis by one of the guests in our show which was followed up by an attempted joke by one of the comedians (again in bad taste).”

“A formal apology will be aired on tonight’s episode. However, I want to personally apologize to all the Pakistanis living abroad. We love you even though you might not feel the same at this point. But, it’s your people who always make a mistake.” He concluded in a followed up tweet.

What are your views on the whole statement made by the actress? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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