Pakistani Businesswoman Shines As Nominee For Global Woman Inspiration AwardBusinesswoman Shines As Nominee For Global Woman Inspiration Award

Huma Fakhar, a prominent Pakistani businesswoman, has been nominated for the esteemed Global Woman Inspiration Award in the United Kingdom. This recognition is a testament to her remarkable contributions to Pakistan’s business and social sectors. The nominees for the award, organized by the Global Woman Club, were announced on Saturday, and the award ceremony itself is scheduled to take place on July 17 in London.

In response to her nomination, Fakhar expressed her deep honor and delight, stating, “Deeply honored to be nominated for the Global Woman Inspiration Award in the UK.” This acknowledgment highlights her exceptional work and dedication to both her business endeavors and her support of the social sector in Pakistan.

Source: Global Women Summit

The Global Woman Inspiration

The Global Woman Inspiration Award pays tribute to a woman who has served as an inspiration and motivation to others through her extraordinary journey. It recognizes those who have overcome obstacles and made a positive impact in their communities. Among the global nominees, a total of 12 women will be awarded by renowned figures such as Deepak Chopra and Madame Mir Elle.

Fakhar’s nomination is a testament to her tireless efforts to bring about positive change in Pakistan. As a co-author of Pakistan’s White Revolution Dairy Investments vision ‘Doodh Darya,’ she has played a pivotal role in establishing corporate dairy farms in the country. Through this initiative, she has empowered more than 500,000 women working in the dairy sector. Her visionary approach and leadership have been instrumental in transforming the dairy industry and creating opportunities for women to thrive.

First Generation entrepreneure 

Pakistani businesswoman nominee for Global Woman Inspiration Award
Source: News International

Moreover, Fakhar has been actively involved in promoting and nurturing entrepreneurship at the school level, particularly among girls in orphanages across Pakistan. By imparting entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, she equips young girls with the tools they need to sustain themselves and become self-reliant. This commitment to empowering the next generation reflects her dedication to fostering a brighter future for Pakistan.

As a representative of Pakistan, Fakhar has participated in various international business forums, including the India Pakistan, Afghanistan Pakistan, and Malaysia Pakistan Business forums. She has also attended trade ministerial conferences in Doha, Hong Kong, Mexico, and even had the privilege of being at the White House in the United States. Her active involvement on the global stage further solidifies her position as an influential figure in the business world.

Global Representation

Recently, Fakhar’s work has gained recognition through the launch of the circularity fund ‘Green Footprints.’ This initiative aims to support startups engaged in circular business models, circular research and development, and innovation in sustainable supply chains, particularly in the food sector. By championing sustainable practices and encouraging innovation, Fakhar is spearheading positive change in Pakistan’s business landscape.

As Huma Fakhar’s nomination for the Global Woman Inspiration Award demonstrates, her contributions extend far beyond the borders of Pakistan. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership, resilience, and a commitment to making a difference in society. Her work has touched the lives of countless individuals, and she continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and social change-makers. The recognition she receives through this nomination is well-deserved and serves as a testament to her remarkable achievements.

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