Naimal Khawar, the wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi and a very popular Pakistani actress and model, has become the center of social media criticism due to accusations of undergoing plastic surgery this weekend. Netizens started commenting on her Instagram photos, pointing out differences in her appearance and facial features, saying that she had facial procedures done such as rhinoplasty and lip fillers. Here have a look.

Comparisons were immediately drawn between Naimal and Pakistani model Sara Loren, also known as Pakistani Mona Liza. Many users even expressed disappointment, claiming that the actress had “ruined her beauty” by getting plastic surgery and lip fillers. Some even speculated that Naimal’s sister-in-law, Dr. Fazeela Abbasi who is a renowned dermatologist and skin specialist, might have performed the surgery.

Image Source: Star Unfolded

However, there were also fans and other people who criticized haters to respect Naimal’s personal choices and stay out of the matter. In response to one user’s supportive comment, Naimal even thanked them and expressed her wish for more kindness on social media. Like every other celebrity, she also just wanted to share her happiness online without being judged.

Amid the backlash, Naimal’s sister, Fiza Khawar also stepped in to defend her for the relentless hate she was getting. Fiza bashed the toxic and hateful comments made by other women, emphasizing that being a public figure does not justify such cruelty. She told everyone to reflect on the type of person they were and then call someone out for something else and practice kindness for the benefit of their souls.

Here’s what the general public had to say to her after facial changes, although some people also defended her. Here have a look at some of the tweets.

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