Twitter challenges have gone far on multiple occasions but not at a time when someone challenged a food chain to a high number of followers and got unlimited pizza in return.

The Pizza Hut Challenge 

A person shared his experience with a former fast food chain company after he asked them what would he have to do in return for an extra large pizza, six pieces of garlic bread, and a Coke. While asking the query on the official account of the chain the company replied that they would need 10,000 likes on the tweet and from then a Twitter war started.

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Once the person got 10,000 likes on his tweet, Pizza Hut backed out of the claim. To which the person took to Twitter where a trend started for people cancelling out the food giant. Soon after things got out of hand and the person started getting calls for interviews. He single-handedly changed the narrative around Twitter controversies and those who saw it are still in awe of it.

Here are some Twitter reactions you need to check out from the post.

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