Pakistani Floods 2022: 7 Non-Profit Organizations You Can Donate To

Image Source: DW

Pakistan is currently going through the worst humanitarian and climate crisis. The entire North and South have become flooded to the extent of total destruction. Millions have been displaced, thousands injured and killed. At this time, many non-governmental organizations have stepped up to the mark and are now helping too. Here are all those who have risen to the occasion:

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1. Indus Hospital

Indus Hospital is a well-renowned hospital known for its impeccable service and top-of-the-line medical care. Their CEO, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan spoke to the media recently detailing all the donations his hospital is collecting to provide relief to the victims of floods.

2. Al-Khidmat Organization

Al-Khidmat has helped so many people during the floods that it is truly transparent where their funds are going. They are providing care in Balochistan at the moment and are collecting money as well as other donations like clothes and food cans.

3. HANDS Pakistan

Hands is another organization in Pakistan that’s working around the clock to provide relief to those stricken by the floods. They are a Zakat collecting foundation that has branched out in these trying times to help whoever is in need.

4. Edhi Foundation

Edhi is not a new name to any philanthropist or humanitarian. They are also collecting funds right now to help South and North Punjab to provide aid in whichever capacity. They are housing people, providing them clothing and also monetary relief to those who have lost their homes.

5. Baloch Students Action

As the name suggests, Baloch Students Action is organized by students in Balochistan who are helping the people of their province by collecting donations and helping in whichever capacity they can. They are also calling out for funds and are transparent about their processes, making one feel safe with their donations.

6. Women Democratic Front

WDF is helping Pakistanis affected by floods in the worst areas by collaborating with the local youth. They are collecting funds and donations to ensure that people in the worst affected areas get whichever relief they can at the moment. You can donate directly to their bank account.

7. Sindh Rural Support Organisation

Moreover, SRSO is an NGO that’s brining relief to the victims of flood in Sindh. Their efforts are mainly centred around rehabilitation and they’re collecting funds to help your contributions save lives.

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